Why we should have a heart.

Donna Mansell CardiomyopathyWhy we should have a heart. (Letters)

Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)

August 1, 2010

THE tragic story of heart transplant patient Donna Mansell should be the wake-up call this government needs to modernise the organ donor system.

Newly-wed mum Donna died waiting for her third transplant, sitting at home in agony praying that someone, somewhere would donate the organ that could save her life.

The call never came, leaving her new husband Aaran without a wife and her seven-year-old daughter Leonie to grow up never knowing her mum.

That this was allowed to happen in a country where millions still refuse to sign the organ donor register is an entirely preventable tragedy.

It is high time the Government introduced legislation to make organ donation after death mandatory, unless people decide to abstain.

At the moment, thousands of willing donors die every year and their organs go to waste, simply because they did not get round to signing the register.

Of course those with religious or moral objections should be allowed to refuse to donate their organs. But the rest of us have a positive duty to help women like Donna get a second chance after our lives are over.

Parliament must take this brave action as soon as possible.

It’s a matter of life and death.


This was originally written by the editor of the Sunday Mercury and any opinions are independent of any views held by Donna’s Dream.


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